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What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is that process used to create and maintain certain temperature, relative humidity and air purity conditions in indoor spaces. This process is typically applied to maintain a level of personal comfort. However, there are also more benefits of aircon installation than just comfort. Air conditioning can also provide us with safety and better quality of life in our own homes. At Harms Electrical Services, we can provide you a full air conditioning service. This includes supply and installation, maintenance and air conditioning cleaning.

What are the benefits of aircon installation?

  • Reduced possibility of asthma attacks

Air conditioning your home can help reduce the possibility of suffering an asthma attack. Running an aircon not only reduces humidity in your home, but can also lower the amount of pollen, mould mildew and other airborne outdoor allergens that can potentially lead to asthma symptoms. Air conditioners can also lower your exposure to indoor allergens, like dust mites. However, it is important to remember regular air conditioning cleaning.

  • A more secure home

Typically, when we air condition our homes, we keep our windows and doors closed. This leads to added security as it is much harder for someone to break into your home with doors and windows closed and locked, rather than having them open.

  • Less insects

Air conditioning filters are more effective in keeping bugs out than an open window. This not only protects you, but it keeps your house cleaner.

  • Better sleep

We sleep better in colder conditions and air conditioning is the perfect answer to that!

  • Prevents electronics from overheating

Heat can do serious damage on electronics such as shortening their lifespan to losing data.

  • Reduces the risk of dehydration

Lower temperatures mean less sweating. A lot of people don’t realise that when we sweat, we are actually losing a large percentage of our water intake. It is important to keep hydrated when out in extreme conditions, but this can all be avoided by enjoying the indoors with some air conditioning.

  • Reduces the risk of heat stroke

Aircon reduces the risk of heat stroke and is one protective factor against heat-related illness and death.

  • Less Noise

Typically, doors and windows are closed off to airconditioned rooms. This means less noise enters the room keeping these places cool and quiet.

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We offer aircon servicing for businesses

Harms Electrical Services also provide aircon servicing for businesses. Air conditioners improves work performance and employee comfort. It helps keeping their minds clear and ready to tackle their tasks for the day.

Aircon installation is also used in industrial applications to ensure correct operation of equipment or machinery that need to operate in specific environmental conditions or alternatively to be able to carry out certain industrial processes, such as welding, which produce considerable amounts of heat that needs to be disposed of in some manner.

An air-conditioning system must be effective regardless of outside climatic conditions and involves control over four fundamental variables: air temperature, humidity, movement and quality. Harms Electrical Services offers you a full air conditioning service to make your business to run better.

Optimal ventilation and air conditioning increases people’s well-being and productivity

The distinction between industrial and personal comfort applications is not always clear cut. Industrial air-conditioning usually requires better precision as regards temperature and humidity control. Some application also, demand a high degree of filtering and removal of contaminants.

Comfort air-conditioning on the other hand, as well as needing to satisfy personal temperature-humidity requirements, also involves other fields such as architectural design, weather forecasting, energy consumption and sound emissions to recreate the ideal conditions for human well-being.

With the right choice you can also reduce long term costs, as customised installations have a higher work efficiency and require less maintenance.

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Harms aircon installation and supply

Harms Electrical Services specialise in the supply and installation of air conditioning systems both for your household or business. Compared to units available years ago, the current ones look fantastic! There are many factors to consider when selecting your unit, including the size and type of space you are trying to cool or heat. There are many brands to choose from, with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries being ou current favourites.

If you are not sure of what you need, contact us and we can help you out. Here are some brands to consider:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Daikin
  • LG
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung

Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance

Harms Electrical Services provide a full, comprehensive aircon preventative maintenance. Aircon cleaning is also very important in keeping your air-conditioning in good condition. Our preventative maintenance and aircon cleaning, includes the following:

  • Check operation of indoor unit
  • Check for abnormal vibration/noise of indoor/outdoor units
  • Remove and clean filters
  • Remove and clean facias
  • Chemical clean of evaporative coil
  • Clean and test all electrical components
  • Clean and check all drains
  • Check for vermin activity in outdoor unit
  • Clean condenser in outdoor unit
  • Record service date and any post-service problems

Why to choose Harms for your air conditioning service?

To achieve optimal indoor conditions, you need to select the technology that best suits the needs of your property, by factoring in how many people are using the space and when. We can help you with that. Properly adjusted air conditioning creates the right indoor climate for increased well-being and higher productivity in the workplace.

From an owner’s perspective, you’ll want to avoid unexpected, costly repairs as well as lengthy delays in finding the right contact to fix any issues. We also offer air conditioning cleaning and maintenance service to avoid that. Luckily, all these requirements can be combined in a clever and individually tailored ventilation system with Harms Electrical Services. Interested in aircon servicing with Harms? Contact us to get your aircon running!

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